Are you ready for back-to-school?The school bell is getting ready to ring, signaling the start to another school year! Parents everywhere breathe a sigh of relief and kids groan at the thought! Are you prepared?

In your preparation for the upcoming new school year, don’t forget to protect your kids from head lice! Here are some ways to keep those little bugs from getting on your student’s noggin!

How To Avoid Head Lice

Don’t Share

This appears to go against all that we’ve taught our children, but it’s true! You do not want to share items that touch the head! Here’s a list of things you want your children to keep to themselves:

  • combs and brushes
  • hair clips and accessories
  • hats and bike helmets
  • scarves and coats
  • towels
  • headsets and earbuds

Avoid Head-to-Head Contact

Kids have a tendency to place their heads close together when they play. Unfortunately, this is a GREAT way for them to get lice. Talk to your child about keeping their “head” to themselves while they play. It might sound like an “impossible” task, but keep reminding them, they’ll get it!

Keep It Separate

Shared spaces along with shared belongings can be breeding grounds for lice. Closets, lockers, drawers, and clothes hooks can create an easy opportunity for lice to spread.

Ask your child to keep their belongings—especially hats, coats, scarves, and other clothing—out of common areas.

Be Proactive

Did you know that it sometimes can take up to six weeks for symptoms of lice to appear? So don’t just rely on itching to let you know your child has lice. Be proactive and check your child’s head weekly! This will save a lot of problems.

And there you have it…some great tips to keep the bugs away from your little one! We wish everyone a safe and healthy new school year!







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