Be Flea-Free!No one likes to think about fleas. These little blood-sucking parasites are simply a pain. They torment our pets and can transmit diseases. They make us itch and twitch. And once they invade your home, they multiply quickly and can be extremely hard to get rid of.

There’s believed to be about 2,000 different species of fleas throughout the world, with more than 300 of those species calling the United States home. But hopefully they’re not calling your home “home!”

How To Flea-Proof Your Home

If you’re hoping to flea-proof your home, here’s what you need to know. And remember, act FAST! Flea infestations can pop up quickly!

Try these handy flea-fighting tips from the National Pest Management Association:

  • Keep your lawn groomed. Untended lawns provide great hiding spots and meals for rodents and other animals that fleas like to hang out on!
  • Fleas can hitch rides on rodents. (Did you know squirrels are rodents and can have fleas? Yikes!) If you notice a rodent problem around your home, fleas are just one more reason to call us!
  • Bathe and groom your pets regularly and use flea treatments as recommended by your pet’s vet. Remember, fleas are hitchhikers and will jump on your pet in a flash!
  • Check pets’ coats regularly for fleas, especially after spending time outdoors. Be aware of excessive scratching and licking as this could signal a flea problem.
  • Wash pet bedding, collars and plush toys frequently.
  • Clean and vacuum your home frequently to help remove fleas.
  • Remember: Getting rid of adult fleas alone will not solve your problem. Their eggs may still be around!

If fleas have infested your home or even if you just spotted one lone flea, give us a call immediately. We specialize in helping you have a pest-free home by using green pest control methods.

Good News Pest Solutions can solve your flea and pest control problems with industry leading Eco-Superior (Environmental, Pet and Family Friendly) methods. We are here to serve you—contact us today!

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