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Bedbugs on Airplanes!

Bed Bugs on Airplanes...Oh No!The 1950’s was rife with B movies that forced unprepared heroes and heroines to face giants spiders, scorpions, and other assorted insects and arachnids. But they never had to face the horrifying threat that is suddenly becoming all too real – bedbugs on airplanes!😲

Even Samuel L. Jackson isn’t able to help.

We’ve pointed out before that Cimex lectularius are by no means restricted to beds in homes and hotel rooms. Curtains, laundry and discarded furniture are all potential havens for bedbug infestations.

And now, apparently, they’ve spread to international flights. As if the French need another reason to dislike Americans…

Flyers Beware!

Just last month, two separate passengers on different days complained about being bitten on the New York to India flight on Air India. And last year, British airlines fielded similar complaints. And as far back as 2010, United Airlines had complaints of bedbug bites on their flights.

But it’s probably not entirely the airlines’ fault. Most people don’t notice bedbug bites right away. And, because bedbugs can lay dormant without a food source, many will nest in dirty clothes packed in a suitcase – or even the outside seams of your suitcases. With more passengers choosing to go solely with carry-on luggage, it’s easy for the little guys to spread while in flight.

The good thing is, contrary to some popular rumors being spread on the Internet, bedbugs cannot fly or spread diseases to humans, like mosquitoes and ticks. They are, however, becoming more resistant to a lot of the pest control chemicals and methods that have been applied over the years.

Don’t Try This At Home!

For example, don’t try pouring rubbing alcohol on your furniture. It’s not an effective killer of bedbugs, and it makes your home much more dangerously flammable.

In fact, it’s getting to the point that most DIY methods of ridding yourself of bedbugs are so ineffective that they only lead to more problems!

Luckily, we can help. Here at Good News Pest Solutions, we have the best and most effective methods of dealing with bedbugs and other annoying insects. And we have thousands of customers from Ruskin to Punta Gorda that confirm it. If you’d like to learn more about any of our products and services, just give us a call!


Diane St Jean 12-09-2018, 13:43

Bedbugs SUCK, quite literally I must add. I got them from my son who got them from a bum of a roommate. I was infested twice by a low life person. I live in a 7th floor condo on Siesta Key. It was a extremely horrific experience because these little blood suckers left me with HUGE welts. These little blood suckers are very persistent and are to many of the chemicals used for exterminating the usual pests found in homes. Since I lived so high in the air, pesticides had NO effect of these bloodsuckers. I tried many things to get rid of them, but nothing worked. Eventually after much research and found that bedbugs are pretty much immune if chemical bug sprays. After much research, I found the most effective way to combat these very resilient bugs, is to cook them. Since nobody in the Sarasota area had the equipment to reach the 7th Floor, I contracted with a company from Florida’s east coast. The brought in huge heaters and super heated my condo. After the six hours of super heat the little blood suckers finally met their demise. Before I had them cooked to death I had moved some of my Christmas decorations to offsite storage. When Christmas came around I took the stuff out of storage and brought it home. Guess what happened?? The freaking bed bugs were in my Christmas stuff. I had to cook them to death AGAIN!! The bugs can live up to a year without a blood meal!! What’s even worse that the bedbugs are asexual and carry over 100 eggs THAT DONT NEED FERTILIZATION to hatch and so on and so on! These little *ucker suckers are everybody’s worst nightmare come true!!!

Good News Pest Solutions Team 12-09-2018, 13:50

YIKES. So sorry to hear about your experiences with these nasty critters, Diane!!

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