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Cats Are Not the Best Rat Traps After All

The fun of living in a world filled with entertainment is the tendency to adopt certain ideas as being accurate. When, in fact, we have no proof. Worse, we may think a particular viewpoint is true when in reality, it’s completely false. For example, did you know that...

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Rodent Chatter: Figuring Out the Code

Artificial neural networks is a popular buzz phrase these days. For years, they’ve been improving speech recognition, giving rise to Alexa and Siri. Facebook is trying to put them into play to filter fake news from real. Google’s using them to improve their mapping...

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Cockroaches: The Next Garbage Men?

For most folks the thought of flicking the lights on and seeing literally millions of cockroaches fleeing to the corners of the room would be enough to send them out of the building forever. After all, useful and productive are not the terms that first come to mind...

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Extreme Bugs: The Bombardier Beetle!

There are many amazing things in creation, and we’ve explored many you can find in the insect world in our past articles on Extreme Bugs. This month we have a particularly interesting bug with an unusual defense mechanism that could blow... your mind. Found in...

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Looking Forward to 2019 with YOU!

It seems like just yesterday, we were ringing in 2018, and now, we’re all a year older and hopefully a bit wiser! And 2019 isn’t just another year for us, either. We are celebrating our DIAMOND Anniversary this year! Thirty years ago, in 1989, Good News Pest Solutions...

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Fighting Bedbugs with Dogs?

Between Thanksgiving week and the first week of the New Year, a lot of people are travelling. In fact, AAA predicts one in three will travel over the holiday season this year, breaking the record from each of the previous two years. In case you were wondering,...

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Ways to Go Green with Your Wardrobe

As we wrap up our year long quest to help everyone live a little greener, today we’re focusing on your wardrobe. There are some clothes you can wear forever, some that slip in and out of fashion and some items we pray no one finds the pictures of—MC Hammer parachute...

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Pest Pressure Increased This Fall and Winter

If you’ve watched the news at least once, you’ve likely caught a weather report. Cold fronts, warm fronts, snow, rain, and clouds. But have you ever said to yourself, just what is a barometer and how does it help predict the weather? You’re not alone. With 24 hour...

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Delicious and Unique Thanksgiving Day Appetizer Recipes

For most people, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. It can be a time of remembered customs, from holiday celebration rituals to traditional food items. But why not mix things up and try a different flavor for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner? We’ve...

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