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Wallace’s Giant Bee… Rediscovered!

It looks like something out of the plot of one of those Saturday science fiction monster movies. But “Wallace’s Giant Bee” wasn’t created by some mad scientist bent on world domination – or a Hollywood special effects artist. Whose Bee? The Bee was first discovered in...

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NASA Reports Earth is Greener

It seems every time the environment is mentioned these days, it’s bad news. But, thanks to some long-reaching NASA satellites, we have some good news to share! According to a recent report from the National Aeronautical and Space Administration, our planet is...

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Spring is Coming and So are More Bugs!

Despite our recent dip into the upper 40’s, Florida doesn’t have many days that our neighbors to the north would consider “real winter.” That has its benefits and disadvantages. The fact that we call 40’s and 50’s sweater weather is one factor. Because our...

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Birth Control for Mosquitoes

Even without the threat of Yellow Fever, Zika and Dengue viruses, the mosquito leads the list of most annoying insects. Especially during the summer months, which, thanks to our subtropical environment, tends to linger longer in Florida. So it shouldn’t come as much...

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Polar Vortex Did a Number on Bugs!

The winter weather we’ve seen in Florida this year has been some of the most convoluted ever. Of course, we can’t help but notice that, as strange as it’s been, our neighbors to the North have been surviving a much harder time of it. It may not be unusual for North...

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Declining Insect Populations Signal Trouble

For the past 30 years, one of the central components of our mission here at Good News Pest Solutions has been to not only provide the most effective pest solutions, but to do so while acting as God’s stewards, striving to protect and enhance our planet. Which is why...

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Cats Are Not the Best Rat Traps After All

The fun of living in a world filled with entertainment is the tendency to adopt certain ideas as being accurate. When, in fact, we have no proof. Worse, we may think a particular viewpoint is true when in reality, it’s completely false. For example, did you know that...

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