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Top Pests in Florida

In just a short while, the Gulf Coast of Florida will start to experience the biggest invasive species we’ve ever seen. Luckily, it’s only for a few months. We’re talking, of course, of the annual migration of snowbirds to our sandy shores. When the temperatures up...

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Amazing Animal and Bug Facts

On the Netflix TV show Atypical, a boy with high-functioning autism uses his obsessive love for penguins to help him adapt to situations that he would normally find distracting or disturbing. Throughout the first season of the show, he focuses especially on one trait...

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10 Ways Your College Student Can Live Greener!

The leaves aren’t quite turning color and falling off the trees yet (except the ones dying from the higher than average heat), but another clear indicator for the fall season has arrived – the beginning of the school year. Whether your favorite students are packing up...

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The Next Generation Robotic Cockroach

If you’ve watched any of the full-scale robotics competitions on PBS then you’re aware that, contrary to the movies, robots are a very long way from taking over the world. First, they need to manage to stay standing up and work a doorknob. Advances in micro-robotics...

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Bedbugs on Airplanes!

The 1950’s was rife with B movies that forced unprepared heroes and heroines to face giants spiders, scorpions, and other assorted insects and arachnids. But they never had to face the horrifying threat that is suddenly becoming all too real – bedbugs on airplanes!😲...

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Ways to Go Green in Your Pool

In the midst of the hot summer months, you’re probably not thinking much about going green in your pool. Unless, of course, you’re worried about excessive algae deposits thanks to our near daily rainfall here on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Spending a few minutes now could...

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Scorpions: Scarier than Spiders?

In 1955, the movie Tarantula debuted, the first in an ongoing series of giant spider movies that continues as recently as 2013’s “The Giant Spider.” For decades, both psychologists and arachnologists have studied human’s seemingly inherent fear of spiders, concluding...

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Extreme Bugs: Mimicry at its Best…Swallowtail Butterflies!

Whether you’re a full-time lepidopterist or just an amateur butterfly enthusiast, there’s always a thrill when you spot a new or unusual butterfly. But are you really sure it’s not one you've seen before? Most insects are easily identifiable by what makes them...

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Ways to Go Green in Your Yard

We typically spend more time outdoors during the summer months than the rest of the year. So, we’re taking a slight detour in our quest to make your home as environmentally efficient as it can be. This month we’ll be looking for ways to go green… in your yard! Plant...

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