The Brainy BumblebeeBees, bees, bees…what’s the buzz all about?! We’ll tell you what it’s about—they are SMART!

Whether it’s a honey bee or a bumblebee, they’re simply brainy, bright, and brilliant. Today, we’re focusing on the bumblebee. (Don’t know the difference between a bumblebee and a honey bee? Check this out!)

While the brain of a bumblebee is small (like smaller than the proverbial head of a pin), it doesn’t mean “small” intelligence. That teeny tiny brain is capable of incredible acts of memory and learning which bumblebees utilize in their important roles as pollinators of both crops and wildflowers.

How Smart are They?

Here are a few of the astounding things bumblebees can do! Bumblebees can:

  • Learn how to open flowers of different shapes.
  • Remember how to open flowers when confronted with more flowers of the same kind, and learn how to get nectar out of each successive flower more quickly.
  • Remember the location of abundant resources such as shrubs with lots of blossoms or plants which bloom simultaneously.
  •  Memorize the best “business locations” or the areas with bushes or plants with abundant flowers and plenty of valuable resources. 
  • Recognize valuable areas using a combination of clues such as landmarks, the position of the sun, smells, and likely even the magnetic field of the earth. 
  • Develop a daily route in order to go about their work more efficiently. 
  • Memorize the timing of blooming and arrive just in time!

How to Help Bumblebees

Did you know our bumblebees are suffering from pesticides and a shortage of wildflowers? While both bumblebees and honeybees are starting to make a comeback, here’s how you can help strengthen the populations of bees.

  • Plant any of the following: chives, sage, Salvia, thyme, borage, comfrey, lungwort, lavender, Aquilegia, flowering currant, foxglove, snapdragon, lupin, hollyhock, scabious, catmint.
  • Use no/minimal pesticides in your garden/flowering area as certain pesticides can poison not only bumblebees, but a host of other beneficial critters. 
  • Use green or natural solutions in your garden for pest control measures.

We here at Good News Pest Solutions care about the environment and endeavor to use cutting-edge, natural, eco-friendly pest control measures that are safe for our earth and you, while being highly effective at controlling pests. If you are looking for a green pest control company, look no further! You have found the Gulf Coast’s leader in natural pest control; contact us today!


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