Bugs can be pretty too!

One of Christopher Marley’s Creations!

Last week we talked about some pretty gross stuff, so we thought we would head in a different direction this week.

Normally, when people think of bugs, they think creepy, crawly, ugly, slimy…you get the idea!

But did you know bugs can be used as art? One creative artist by the name of Christopher Marley, with a love of nature and the eye of designer, began using them to create unique and striking works of art.

In his youth, Chris regarded insects as all that was ugly in nature, but as he began to look a little more closely, he discovered cool lines and vivid colors within the insect world, particularly beetles. He began to arrange them on stark white backgrounds to amplify their geometric shapes and deep hues. And voila…art!

Chris also endeavors through his art to help people overcome their innate fear of bugs and draw them into a different perspective. Bugs can be pretty too!

Pretty neat, huh? Better than last week’s vomiting and pooping flies? Yeah, we thought so!

But if you prefer to have your beetles or any other bugs eradicated from your home and not framed and hung on your wall, give us a call! We’d be happy to help.

Good News Pest Solutions provides you with superior pest control methods while being mindful of your health and the environment. We are striving to be the best pest control leader in all things greenContact us today!




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