Crazy Ants

Are Crazy Ants making you CRAZY?

Did you know Florida has some of the highest pest pressures in the United States? In other words: we have a LOT of bugs!

And one of those bugs is the Tawny Crazy Ant, often referred to around here as the Caribbean Crazy Ant. This invasive pest is aptly named. They get their name from their seemingly aimless and haphazard trailing. They run around like they are crazy! And they can make you crazy if they invade your house!

Check out this video about UF/IFAS entomology researchers that are developing new bait treatments to help homeowners control this maddening insect. It’s very enlightening!

Also, we would like to emphasize the concept of reducing “harborage.” Harborage means places where these ants can hide and breed, such as stones, boards, firewood, patio blocks, etc. They can hide in mulch and vegetation lying on the soil or even against the foundation wall of a structure. These sneaky little guys also like potted plants. Be sure to get rid of as much harborage as possible! WE understand you probably can’t get rid of all of it, but clear away as much as you can.

The crazy ant’s diet consists of animal matter, insects and sweets. Keeping your home clean and tidy goes a long way toward reducing the likelihood of being invaded as well!

If you think you have been invaded, contact us immediately. Good News Pest Solutions is the Green leader in the pest control industry and we strive to bring you the best in green pest control in Sarasota. We were the first to use minimum risk, pesticide-exempt labeled products to obtain guaranteed results. Working with EPA registered products, we have been able to further our world-class rating as the “best of the best” when it comes to managing pest problems naturally.

So if crazy ants are driving you crazy, stop the madness and contact us immediately!



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