Fire Ants!Anyone who has lived in our beautiful state for a while has encountered fire ants…those aptly-named creatures that leave a lasting impression on you!

Fire ants first like to greet you with a chomp! Biting you with their mandible allows them to better anchor themselves in your skin and insert their stinger! The bite is really no big deal, but the poison they inject you with is quite painful and potent! Unlike the stinger of the honey bee, the stinger of the fire ant is not barbed, and an individual ant can repeatedly sting and survive to return to normal ant life!

After the bite, you will feel a sharp pain, much like a fire or burn in your skin!  Within about a day, a raised white pustule will appear and continue for many days. Don’t worry, it’s not actually infected; it’s just your skin’s way of reacting to the venom. These bites can become infected if you break the skin and persist in scratching. This is particularly a problem for people who have compromised immune systems or diabetes.

For most people, a single fire ant bite is not a big deal; unfortunately, you don’t usually get just one bite! Oftentimes, bites occur after an individual has stepped on a mound and angered hundreds of theses stinging critters! OUCH!

Although a few fire ant stings do not normally create a medical emergency for most people, a very small percentage of the population do have allergic reactions to their venom, even life-threatening reactions. For those who are highly allergic, being stung can result in anaphylaxis. If stung, be sure to keep an eye on how you’re feeling and monitor your symptoms.

Stay tuned next week for how to treat fire ant stings naturally!

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