We have a saying around here. There’s two kinds of homes in Florida. Those that have termites and those that will get termites. Sadly, thanks to the swarming subterranean insects that invaded the paradise we call home, there’s a very slim chance you won’t be affected by termites.

But recently, scientists discovered that the Asian subterranean termites may have an even greater impact – even when they’re not in our homes.

Something to Chew On

Typically, termites leave live trees alone. While some species will make a temporary home in tree trunks, most will avoid them, as they’re not a good source of food for the insects. The popular belief is that termites eat wood. But if we’re being specific, termites eat the cellulose – and they prefer the dead and decaying cellulose in trees, if at all.

But for some reason, the Coptotermes gestroi are killing off hundreds of slash pines in South Florida. The trees are “lethally stressed” by the termites, leaving them to slowly die, then become vulnerable during hurricane season.

And the Asian termites are hollowing out other trees, like majestic oaks, making them structurally unsound. When Hurricane Irma came through in 2017, several of the trees that were uprooted or brought down by the storm had significant termite damage.

Stumped for Solutions

The researchers have yet to determine why the termites have now turned to the previously ignored pine trees as a food supply. They are concerned about the risks if we have another active hurricane season this summer. Broward County is reporting that 12% of their slash pines are dead and termites popped up in 50% of the pine trees they checked.

And even beyond the threat of accelerated hurricane damage, the scientists worry if this may lead to potentially irreversible damage to the urban tree canopy in the Sunshine State. That would likely increase the effects of our heat and humidity, as well as air pollution.

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