Frequently Asked QuestionsWe’ve said before, but we’ll say it again, “We LOVE being green at Good News Pest Solutions!” 

Bringing you, our loyal customers, cutting-edge green pest control, while being good stewards of our great Earth, is a driving force in our business.

The improved efficacy of organic pest control, as well as the minimized risk to our customers, is a win-win in our book!

Since we work with our products day in and day out, we are aware of all their awesome benefits, but not everyone is!

Here are a few frequently asked questions we encounter that might help you better understand green solutions for pest control:

Q: What is the biggest difference between eco-friendly and traditional pesticides?

A: The biggest difference is the origin of the active ingredient. In the past, pesticides were developed to target the nervous systems of the pests. Unfortunately, those same poisons affected animals and people, putting pets and homeowners at potential risk. Now, the target is muscle groups, for example the mandible of termites. There’s an active ingredient in these new reduced-risk products that is only activated by an enzyme within an insect that people and other mammals don’t have. Good News uses only those products whenever possible. 

Q: Is treatment with eco-friendly products more expensive than with traditional ones?

A: Not with Good News, and not at this time. Several years ago, when these products where introduced, there was a large investment in research and development. We were early adopters in this area, so our costs were high. Now it’s very comparable.

Q: Do eco-friendly applications need to be more frequent than traditional?

A: No, we have seen no difference in scheduled calls and non-scheduled call backs. 

Q: Is an eco-friendly application less effective in eradicating bugs?

A: Absolutely not! That’s where our eco-superior concepts comes into play! We provide products that work better than people anticipate. One example is a Syngenta product that we use extensively for subterranean termites called Altriset. We have been very pleased with this product and I’ve been honored to share our pest control experiences nationwide with other pest control operators on behalf of Syngenta.

If you are interested in green pest control, contact us today to get started. Again, the cost is comparable with other “traditional” methods. In fact, we have recently rolled out a new monthly subscription service, Term-Assure 365™, that will make it even easier for you to acquire our services . Click here for all the details!






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