Go Green plus 3Nowadays, you hear the term “green” used a lot. Everyone is claiming that they have a “green” product or service. Well, you can rest assured that when we use the term “green” we mean GREEN! And nothing is more green than our all-natural protection program, “Go Green plus 3!”

What is Go Green plus 3?

What is Go Green plus 3? Good question! It is our all-natural pest protection program. With this stellar program, we apply only organic, botanical — and all natural! — green pest control products in targeted areas inside your home to provide a pest-free living space! But wait, there’s more!

Good News Pest Solutions will perform an extensive exterior service three times a year  (This is the plus 3 part)to ensure against pests coming in from the outside. In addition to treating the foundation, soffits, and entry points, we have recently expanded our treatment to include landscape beds, tree bases, fire-ant mounds, and wasp nests. Good News will also recommend non-chemical methods of pest control where possible.

Here’s a break-down of what you receive with this outstanding program:

Inside your home, we will take time to do a full inspection of your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, and any other entry points to look for insect activity. We will also place or refill bait containers under your sinks with reduced-risk gel or granular products as well as treat under kick plates of all built-in cabinets with food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE). Window sills and sliding door tracks will be treated as needed. Additionally, we’ll head up to your attic to treat with DE initially and then inspect each time we are there. Critters love attics! We also point out to our customers any plumbing openings, gaps, and potentials entry points for them to seal up so little critters can stop showing up inside.  Finally, we document all products and quantities used and make any further recommendations as needed.

Outside your home, we will sweep all spider webs from exterior soffits/windows and inspect perimeter for active insect infestation. We will treat your exterior perimeter, including mulch beds near the foundation, with either granular bait or liquid backpack spray using reduced-risk, minimum-risk or pesticide-exempt products as well as treat visible fire ant mounds within a ten foot band around your perimeter. If you select the guaranteed program, we treat your entire yard for fire ants. We also treat harborage areas (places where bug like to hide) and known nesting sites around your property, even if not near the foundation. And finally, we note any cracks, gaps and potential entry points for the customer to seal.

Wow, all this 3 times a year? Yes, three times a year! We are out to keep your home bug-free, naturally! If you are interested in Go Green plus 3, contact us today and start living pest-free!

And remember, if you participate in our Pest Control for Life Contest, this service is what you’ll win for Free… every year for as long as you own your home! Click here to learn more about this great contest. So, what are you waiting for—start snapping selfies and shooting videos!

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