Keeping Your Pets Safe

Here are some beautiful doxies from the Macy’s team!

Let’s face it—our pets are part of our family! And we love are pets here at Macy’s Termite & Pest Control. We are a pet-friendly company and committed to their safety. Macy’s is the industry leader in Pet Safe Pest Control.

Research has demonstrated that traditional pest control methods can have hazardous effects on animals, from gastrointestinal effects to seizures. Why even take the chance when you can eliminate the risk to your pet by going green with Macy’s?

Keeping Our Pets Safe

Here is Deborah, our controller, and her dog, Abby!

Practicing the latest in Integrated Pest Control Management, our “Go Green plus 3” All Natural Protection Program eliminates the potential for exposure from your living space right from the start and will keep your pets safe from exposure to harmful chemicals while controlling the pests that are invading your home.

About “Go Green Plus 3”

Go Green– We will apply only organic, botanical, and all natural products in targeted areas inside your home to provide a pesticide-free living space.

Plus 3– Three times a year, Macy’s will perform an extensive exterior service to insure against pest invaders from the outside. In addition to treating the foundation, soffits, and entry points, we have recently expanded our treatment to include landscape beds, tree bases, fire-ant mounds, and wasp nests. Macy’s will also recommend non-chemical methods of pest control where possible.

Macy’s Termite & Pest Control has defined what it means to be “Organic” in our industry by only using 100% all natural products. In early 2006, we began testing the efficacy of new and exciting botanically based products commercially available for the first time. We found that these Eco-Superior Products were not only safe, but more effective than the original formulas. Coupled with other products that utilize naturally occurring elements found in nature, Macy’s has been able to provide the same pest-free living guarantee, while being mindful of your pet’s safety and health!

If you are interested in getting rid of pests in your home and keeping your pets safe, contact us today!

And if you would like to see more pictures of our pets at Macy’s, click here!


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