Here at Good News Pest Solutions, we often refer to ourselves as a for-profit, Christian ministry, cleverly disguised as a pest control company. And we take that commitment very seriously. We are always open to share the true good news of the Gospel, but it doesn’t stop there. As the Bible points out, faith without works is dead.

So, we donate a portion of all of our profits to support dozens of ministries in our Gulf Coast area, as well as across the world. Two of those ministries are Meals on Wheels and the Sarasota All Faiths Food Bank. These two organizations provide food for needy people in our community on a year round basis.

As you might imagine, this year has been harder for many ministries just as it has been for businesses. And those organizations providing food have been hit even harder.

Farm to Table

In 1945, the United Nations established World Food Day. Even back then, there were concerns about growing food, providing adequate healthy food, and preserving our planet in the process. World Food Day is celebrated every October 16th. It promotes feeding the world, as well as honoring those who grow, harvest and distribute our food.

Several years later, it was decided to make the entire second week of October National Food Bank Week. It’s a week-long food drive to build up the supplies for the winter and remind people across the country of those who still suffer from hunger and malnourishment.

By stocking up in October, the food banks can get a head start on their busiest time of year – the holidays. And the added stock provides some assurance that the hungry have an option – and hope – during troubled times.

It’s especially important this year, as the shelves at most food banks have been depleted even more than usual by helping those most seriously hit by the pandemic.

So, please, we encourage you to buy some extra groceries this coming week – preferably non-perishables. Drop them off at your church or local food bank. Most of them will also accept cash donations, if that’s easier. And if you have more time than money, they’re always happy to have a helping hand or two!

And remember, when you’re eating your dinner tonight, say an extra prayer for the hungry and for the people working so hard to make sure more people have a meal to share.

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