This year’s Oscar award for animated film went to “Into the Spider-Verse.” In the movie, a dimensional portal opens. Suddenly, multiple Peter Parkers and a host of other versions of the iconic Spiderman are united across the multiverse. The characters recognize each other when their spidey-sense tells them, “You’re just like me.”

One of the wonders of God’s creation is that there are always new things to explore, discover, and learn from. Despite technological advances and forays into parts previously unknown, scientists estimate that about 5-million species are still undiscovered in the world. Many of these exist in the ocean, only five percent of which we’ve explored. But even on well-trod land, new findings catch us off guard.

Same Difference…

Take the “Chikunia bilde.”  Just recently, British researchers happened upon this new species of spider in Indonesia. It was a remarkable discovery because of how these arachnids choose to live. Their social system is unlike anything else in the spider kingdom. And it’s something maybe our politicians here in America should examine.

The spider went unnoticed for some time amongst its closest relatives, the Chikunia nigra. But unlike most spiders, who are aggressive and even cannibalistic to other species, the bilde and nigra live in harmony. In fact, researchers say the two species are virtually indistinguishable. Their coloring ranges from black or brown to orange and yellow.

Not only do the two species co-exist, but they rely on each other. They even share resources, one feeding the other’s young if necessary. And because they don’t destroy each other, both species prosper.

Said the Spider to the Fly

What’s even more exciting, both species could also function as pest control experts. Their favorite food is disease carrying mosquitoes and crop-destroying white flies. Living in harmony means their populations grow swiftly. They also easily manage to coexist with humans. The tiny spiders were found in gardens, areas of heavy agricultural use, and local dumps.

So instead of employing chemicals or pesticides, the Chikunia species could protect the crops and the humans. That’s good news.

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