Pest A – Incorrect.

Pest A is a spider beetle.

Spider beetles are small beetles belonging to the family Anobiidae. They are called spider beetles because they look somewhat like small spiders (or large mites) due to their long legs and relatively large, rounded abdomens.

Ptinids are not common pests but can become numerous in certain situations. They are general scavengers and can be found in pan­tries, museums, grain mills, warehouses, and attics that contain bird, rodent, or bat droppings.

The American spider beetle adult is from 1.5 to 3.5 millimeters in length and has a dark reddish-brown to black, shiny, globular abdomen. The head, thorax, legs, and antennae are covered with hairs that are a pale yellow to cream color.

The whitemarked spider beetle adult is from 2 to 4.3 millimeters long and are light brown in color with patches of white hairs on the wing covers. However, the white patches are frequently rubbed off of older beetles. Males have a thinner and more elongated abdomen than the females.

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