Pest B – Incorrect.

Pest B is a flea.

Brown to reddish brown in color, fleas are smaller than a bed bug – they’re sesame-seed sized and they’re what scientists call bilaterally flattened – they’re taller than they are wide.

Neither bed bugs or fleas take up residence on humans. But fleas do like a live host – a warm-blooded animal like your cat or dog, or wild creatures like squirrels, rats, and other wildlife. Fleas have backward-facing spines to navigate through the hair of animals. Their backward-facing spine also makes them difficult to remove when you’re grooming your pet.

The way they move is quite different as well – fleas can jump long distances, while bedbugs just crawl.

Flea bites are usually clustered or alone, and they come with intense itching. They’re likely to be on the lower parts of your legs and ankles. Through their bites, fleas can spread several diseases, such as the plague, typhus, and cat scratch disease.

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