Pest C – Incorrect.

Pest C is a carpet beetle.

The carpet beetle is about 1/8 of an inch long, it has brown and yellow scales and hair on the back of the abdomen. These pests can live in homes, warehouses, museums and other places where they can find a food source: fiber, animal products such as leather, fur, hair or feathers and stored food. Although they do not bite and would generally not even have anything to do with humans, their small hairs can cause allergic reactions and dermatitis. There are three types of carpet beetles: the black carpet beetle, the furniture carpet beetle and the varied carpet beetle.

Carpet beetles usually cause damage in the area where they pupate. In their larval state, they cause holes similar to the ones caused by moths. Due to their very small size and their preference for small places to feed, they are hard to find and to exterminate. The best way to deal with the problem is to spray in as many places as possible and try to get rid of the accumulation of debris which attracts them. Everything must be kept clean, including clothes and personal items.

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