Mosquito Protection Program™ Monthly Service – 1 Zone

$75.00 / month

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With our full service Mosquito Protection Program™, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A thorough property inspection — one of our trained professionals will conduct a complete inspection to locate standing water and other mosquito breeding sites, provide recommendations for how to reduce mosquito population, and to remedy those problem areas that can be remedied
  • For any problem areas that can’t be remedied, one of our licensed technicians will treat with larvacide to control mosquito population growth as needed.
  • We will provide a shepherd’s hook at no additional charge and will place it in the optimal location to provide maximum coverage for your new No Bite Zone
  • New MosquitoPaq bags will be installed for you 2 times each month

MosquitoPaq Pouches - Outdoors - NoBiteZones

Meet the Green Solution to Mosquito Problems

At the heart of our natural, 100% DEET-Free Mosquito Protection Program is MosquitoPaq, a revolutionary, non-toxic formulation that is perfectly safe for people and pets. When the organic materials contained in the 2 pouches inside are combined, the resulting solution emits a scent that attracts female mosquitoes.

Once they approach, instead of seeking protein, the mosquitoes are permanently transformed so that they will only feed on nature’s nectar — not people or our pets! The mosquitoes are not harmed or killed, they’re simply converted back into pollinators!

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