Protect Your Pets from Fleas

“What do you mean I can lose my fur from fleas?”

While the weather in Florida is beginning to cool down a little bit, it does not mean that we are free from the threat of fleas. These resilient little guys don’t pack up and move farther south. They will continue to be a pest so don’t let your guard down!

If you have ever dealt with fleas before, you understand just how bad they can be. Fleas are not only a nuisance to humans and their pets, but can possibly cause medical problems in your pets including:

  • flea allergy dermatitis (FAD)
  • tapeworms
  • hair loss
  • secondary skin irritations

A large numbers of fleas can also cause anemia, especially in puppies and kittens. This can be very dangerous for a young animal.

Here are some ways that you can get rid of fleas as well as help prevent them in the first place:

  1. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! By vacuuming at least every other day you will really help to control any flea problems by  the getting rid of eggs, larvae and even some of the adult fleas. Be sure  to throw the bag away though.
  2. Wash your bedding and especially your pet’s bedding to help prevent the fleas from spreading.
  3. Keep your pets up-to-date on their flea treatments and be sure you are purchasing quality treatments.

We care about you and your pets. If fleas have infested your home or even if you just spotted one lone flea, give us a call immediately. Fleas can spread quickly. We specialize in helping you have a pest-free home by using organic pest control methods.

Macy’s Termite & Pest Control can solve your flea and pest control problems with industry leading Eco-Superior (Environmental, Pet and Family Friendly) methods. We are here to serve you… contact us today!

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