Roaches Have Personality Too!

Whether you have shy roaches or bold roaches, we can get rid of any type!

Cockroaches are known for being a pest—and not just a pest—but a bacteria-carrying, dread-inducing, nuclear-defying nuisance! But did you know they have feelings, too? O.K. that may be stretching it a bit, but recent studies have shown that roaches actually have distinct personalities.

According to a new study, cockroaches can fall into two personality categories. Isaac Planas Sitjà, one of the roach researchers, said, “We have categorized the observed personalities. We call them shy or cautious and bold or explorers.”

It appears the “shy” types are more likely to spend their time sheltered and explore their surroundings less, whereas the “bold” individuals love to get out and explore their surroundings more! Scientists speculated that if roaches had the same “personalities” they would all behave exactly the same way when out in the open, but careful observations have revealed clear differences. Scientist and researchers use this information to better explain cockroaches’ longevity and ability to survive.

We here at Good News Pest Solutions have been “observing” roaches for a while now, too, and we understand how to get rid of them! So, whether you have cautious, calculating cockroaches or bold and brazen ones, contact us today and we will track them down and get rid of them for you!

Good News Pest Solutions can solve your pest control problems with industry leading Eco-Superior (Environmental, Pet and Family Friendly) methods and products, and our certified, professional staff can eliminate all of your pest problems.


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