Mosquitoes The Other PollinatorMosquitoes have a bad reputation. And they’ve earned it. They carry and transmit many dangerous diseases including malaria, West Nile Virus, Dengue, and now the Zika virus, which is causing a panic in our state due to the fact that this virus can cause life-threatening birth defects.

But what if we told you there’s another side to these insects? A side that is not life-threatening, but actually life-giving?

The Other Pollinator

When you think of a mosquito, you probably think, “Ugh, blood-sucking little insects!” However, they do have another role on our planet: they pollinate flowers! Who knew? Well, now YOU DO!

The normal food of adult mosquitoes is actually nectar from plants, not your blood. Male mosquitoes never bite, and the females only bite when they’re pregnant in order to get the protein in your blood to help them produce eggs.

Unlike bees, they don’t “gather” pollen, rather they “carry” pollen from flower to flower during feeding.

Mosquitoes act as pollinators for a variety of flowering plants and grasses. They’re best known for pollinating orchids, including the blunt-leaved bog orchid and other rare Arctic bog orchids.

So, you may be thinking, “Still, they carry DISEASE! Get rid of them!”

Well, we are getting rid of something – the “blood-sucking” side to mosquitoes – and leaving the pollinating side! This way, we help keep you and your family safe, and we are able to leave helpful pollinators “pollinating” our planet, one plant and flower at a time!

Introducing Our New Mosquito Protection Program™

Our innovative new program is an all-natural, green solution to the mosquito problem. Conventional mosquito repellents/programs have varying degrees of toxicity or poison in them, such as DEET, but not ours.

Our new program creates “No Bite Zones” around your home by using a product that confounds the pregnant female looking for a blood-meal and instead creates a desire for nectar! In essence, it turns her from a carnivore into a vegan, WOW!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to share this program with you! It’s truly a win-win for us and the mosquito, the OTHER pollinator!

And remember…this Mosquito Protection Program™ is available exclusively from Good News Pest Solutions! Learn more about it here. Oh, and one more thing! This is the same product that is protecting our athletes at the summer games which are starting TODAY! Go USA! 🙂





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