Subterranean Termite Swarming season is in full swing! These black-colored termites with milky-colored curved wings live under the soil and are looking to wreak havoc on your home! They dig through the soil looking for food and can enter your home through very small cracks in the foundation or through your plumbing.

Once they locate a food source, a tree stump or your home, they make a feeding trail back to their home or colony. Subterranean termites cause over 80% of the $5 billion in annual termite damage, more than floods and fires combined! Yikes!

Here are a few signs you might have these destructive termites:

  • Termites—Yup, if you see hundreds of the little guys themselves, especially in a tub or sink area, it’s a pretty good sign you have them. Remember, subterranean termites have black bodies with milky-colored wings as compared to drywood termites, which have reddish-brown bodies and rainbow-colored wings.
  • Mud tunnels—Check around your foundation and start looking for small tubes of mud that are about the size of a pencil in diameter. Subterranean termites will travel through these little tubes to get to sources of wood and moisture. These tubes will actually start in the soil from the outside of your foundation and move all the way into your home as they discover small cracks and more food sources. (Scroll down to see examples of these in the video!)
  • Wood Damage—When the wood in your home begins to look weakened or cracked, find a piece (often a baseboard) that you can break apart. If it’s a dry rot problem, you’ll see a fungus that is spreading and eating away at the wood. If you have termites, you will notice tunnels that are spreading throughout the wood, weakening it! In the tunnels, you will also see small ‘pellets’ (frass) or dried dirt depending on which type of termite is making the damage. If the damaged wood has dirt in it, you have subterranean termites. Pellets will only be present if drywoods have caused the damage.

So, what can stop these ultimate wood-destroying machines? Good News Pest Solutions and. Altriset®! Altriset® is the latest and greatest in termiticide science. It is the “greenest” termiticide ever and we are one of the only companies in the area using it!

Altriset® is placed in the soil around the perimeter of your home to help eliminate subterranean termites. It does so by targeting and paralyzing the muscle groups, particularly the mouths, of termites to stop them from feeding within hours! The Altriset® is carried back into the colony by the termites and transferred to the others. Your home is termite-free within three months and fully protected for years to come with a renewable warranty. Pretty cool science, huh? We think so! And it doesn’t even say CAUTION on the label (but your sunscreen does)!

How Would a Bug Doctor (Entomologist) Handle a Termite Infestation?

In fact, one of the area’s leading entomologists and our good friend, Fred Santana, turned to Altriset® and Good News Pest Solutions to tackle, of all things, a termite infestation in his very own house! Fred, who spent 30 years in the Navy as a medical entomologist and 20 years with the Sarasota County Extension agency, had this to say about Altriset®:

I’ve always been concerned about the safety of pesticides and my wife has asthma and also allergies so we had to look around for some product that wouldn’t cause her potentially some problems….I knew you were using Altriset®… it has an extremely good record. As soon as I decided I would go with it, I got my little iPad out and started looking up Altriset® and found it’s an excellent product and I’m thrilled that you guys are using it!

Hear the rest of Fred’s story and see the termites’ mud tubing in this video

So there you have it, folks…if a leading entomologist is using it, shouldn’t you?

If you think you have termites, contact us immediately for a free inspection. The sooner you take action the better! Our skilled problem solvers will advise you as to the best course of action to take.

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