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It can get hot and humid on the Gulf Coast!

Raise your hands if you believe we here on the Gulf Coast live in paradise? Yes, I see those hands! How many of you would also agree that it can get pretty hot in the summer, sometimes a little unbearably so? Yes, I see those hands, too!

In fact, our average temperatures for the month of July hit around the 90° mark or higher. And don’t forget to throw in that nice moist blanket of humidity that accompanies those temperatures.

So, what’s a Floridian to do to stay a little cooler in the summer months without breaking the bank from cranking up his or her air conditioning?

We’re so glad you asked! We have a solution for that! This wondrous innovation will help you stay cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter (yes, it does get a little chilly here, too!) , and save money on your energy bills! Oh, and it helps adds a sound barrier to your attic and—wait for it—it kills bugs!

What is this wonder?

The Answer…

The answer is… T•A•P or Thermal Acoustical Pest Control!  T•A•P is natural pest control that kills insects but does not harm humans and pets!

To put it simply, T•A•P is a very specialized form of insulation. Currently, you probably have the traditional fiberglass insulation in your attic and walls. It kind of looks like pink cotton candy, but don’t ever touch it…ouch! Basically, traditional insulation is designed to control air flow in and out of your house and reduce your heating and cooling costs.  T•A•P does so much more than this!

T•A•P not only helps insulate your house, thereby controlling airflow, it also adds a sound barrier to your attic and kills pests like roaches, ants and silverfish. Wow, now that’s what we call a TRIPLE THREAT! In fact, T·A·P is 32% more energy efficient than traditional fiberglass insulation!

T•A•P (a combination of recycled newspaper and boric acid) is applied by blowing it into your attic and into wall voids. Boric acid is deadly to many insects, but safe for use around pets and people.  T•A•P is as green as it gets, which we LOVE! We are the green leader!

If you would like to learn more about thermal acoustical pest control, contact us today! We are one of the only pest control companies in the area offering this outstanding product! Our staff is ready to answer your questions and serve you today!



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