The Difference Between An Ant and A TermiteMany homeowners panic at the sight of a tiny-winged insect in their home. Their first thought usually is: TERMITES! The panicked feeling is understandable considering termites can do a lot of damage to your dwelling.

But not all tiny-winged critters are termites. Ants and termites can look a lot alike and telling them apart can be confusing!

Here are a few tips to help you determine if it’s an ant or a termite…

The Termite:

  • has no “waist,” its body is more rectangular without any constriction.
  • has straight, beaded antennae.
  • has four wings that are of equal size and shape. Its wings are also longer than its body.

The Ant:

  • has a defined narrow, constricted waist.
  • has antennae that are bent or “elbowed.”
  • has four wings, with the back, hind wings shorter than its front, fore wings.

Additionally, ants are typically reddish or dark colored and can be seen in the open searching for food. Termite workers are transparent, light or creamy white in color and avoid light. They’re often not seen, unless their nest is disturbed.

Bottom line: If you see a bug, and don’t know what it is, call us—we can help! In fact, if you’re concerned you might have termites, contact us today for a free termite inspection and let us help you gain peace of mind!

Good News Pest Solutions strives to be the green leader; we provide you with superior pest control methods while being mindful of your health and the environment.

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