Top Ten Bed Bug MythsDid you know bed bugs are now found in every state? Cimex lectularius (this is their official name!) have taken up residence in every state of our great union and appear to be flourishing!

Myths about these small, flattened insects that feed solely on mammalian and avian blood are flourishing too, unfortunately.

So, let’s take some time to set the record straight about bedbugs…here are the Top 10 Bedbug Myths! (Courtesy of Scientific American)

Top Ten Bedbug Myths

Myth 1: Bedbugs can fly.

Bedbugs lack wings, and therefore cannot fly! Simple logic, people!

Myth 2: Bedbugs reproduce quickly.

Compared with other insects, bedbugs are slow to reproduce! Each adult female produces about one egg per day as compared to a common housefly that lays 500 eggs over three to four days. Each bedbug egg takes about 10 days to hatch and another five to six weeks for the offspring to develop into an adult.

Myth 3: Bedbugs can typically live a year without a meal.

This is a highly debatable point, but scientific evidence suggests that at normal room temperature, about 73 degrees Fahrenheit, bedbugs can only live two to three months without a meal. Since they are cold-blooded however, their metabolism will slow down in colder climates, and they may live up to a year without feeding.

Myth 4: Bedbugs bite only at night.

Nope…not true! Bed bugs do like the night, but these little bloodsuckers will bite at any hour of the day or night!

Myth 5: Bedbugs live exclusively in mattresses.

Bedbugs do not exclusively live on beds…they’re notorious hitchhikers. You can find them on suitcases, pets, in movie theaters, and in more places. Don’t let their name fool you! Bedbugs spread away from beds into living areas and can be seen on any surface including chairs, railings and ceilings.

Myth 6: Wait…you have to come back to our blog next week and learn the other 5! See you then!

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