Top 10 Reasons to Choose Term-Assure 365We can barely contain ourselves these days. We are so excited about our incredible new program, Term-Assure 365…no other pest control company in our area offers anything like this!

Wait! You haven’t heard about it yet? How can that be? Well, we need to change that. In fact, allow us to share with you the 10 top reasons to choose Term-Assure 365™…


10 Reasons to Choose Term-Assure 365™

  1. Affordable & Comprehensive : This program is our most affordable to date. It only costs a $99 set-up fee and $47 per month! And with Term-Assure 365™, you get not only pest control, but termite protection & insurance as well.
  2. Go Green Plus 3: Term-Assure 365™ includes our incredible Go-Green Plus 3 Service which means we will apply only organic, botanical, and all natural pest control products inside your home to provide a pesticide-free living space. And we will perform an extensive exterior service three times a year to insure against pest invaders from the outside. In addition to treating the foundation, soffits, and entry points, we’ll also treat landscape beds, tree bases, fire-ant mounds, and wasp nests.
  3. Termite Protection: In addition to our incredible Go Green Plus 3 pest control, we will install termite monitoring stations (usually 6-8 stations) around the exterior perimeter of your home to keep an eye out for those pesky, destructive termites!
  4. Million Dollar Insurance Policy: From day 1 of starting Term-Assure 365™, as long as there is no evidence of existing termite activity or previous termite damage (verified by an inspection), Good News will issue a certificate for a $1 Million damage repair warranty. This means that Good News will not only treat your entire home for termites if found, but we will also pay for the repair of any damage they produced (after a small $250 homeowner deductible) up to $1 Million.

    Top 10 Reason to Choose Altriset

    A MILLION DOLLAR insurance policy? We just can’t contain ourselves!

  5. Altriset®: If one of our pest technicians detects live subterranean termites in any of the monitoring stations during a routine visit, he or she will let you know and schedule a complete perimeter termite treatment of your home with Altriset®, the most effective, yet environmentally-friendly, termiticide ever invented.
  6. Easy to Start Program: All you have to do to start this amazing program is call (941)-412-0110 or fill out this form, and someone will contact YOU! They will walk you through the process and make sure you qualify*…we told you it was easy. 🙂
  7. Even Easier To Start If You Are Already A Customer: Are you already a Go-Green Plus 3 customer? Great—it’s even easier for you! Simply tell your pest service tech that you want the Term-Assure 365™ plan, pay the normal amount for your tri-annual pest service, he or she will inspect and install the termite monitors, and set up your $47 per month EFT payments to begin the following month. And we’ll waive the $99 set-up fee!
  8. Convenient Billing Program: Payments are made monthly via credit/debit cards or EFT; no need to worry about writing a check!
  9. Live Without Bugs: Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a home without creepy-crawlies? No more worrying about turning on the kitchen light in the middle of the night and encountering scurrying roaches? No more ants in your sugar? No more spiders building webs in the corners of your home? You get the idea—NO MORE BUGS!
  10. Peace of Mind: Peace of mind is what Term-Assure 365™ is all about! It’s our privilege to “assure” your peace of mind with quality and affordable pest control!

So, are you ready to sign-up? Do it today. You’ll be glad you did! We’ve even set up an easy to remember location to get the details and sign up online:

*In order to qualify, your home needs to be built on a slab with no wood to ground contact or obvious moisture conditions and have no visible evidence of subterranean termites, like mud tunnels, damaged wood, or reproductive swarmers, as per our inspection.

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