If you’re like most of us, you don’t think about your attic much. Especially here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, where they’re closer to crawl spaces than the canted storage or living areas they enjoy in most of the country.

But if you’ve spent any time in your attic, you’ve come out dripping with reasons why it could be increasing your energy expenses. Or dry and itchy from the pink fiberglass insulation that is the cheapest, but not always the most efficient protection from the sun’s heat.

The More You Know

On top of the allergic reactions and respiratory distress often caused by the synthetic, fiberglass insulation, whether it’s pink or not, manufacturing it takes huge amounts of energy and blasts tons of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

Standard insulation is made up of plastic melted in giant gas-fired mills and infused with glass particles. Those furnaces are seldom, if ever turned off. Then to form the rolls you see in the hardware store, it is spun into strips with a binding agent. Sometimes it is also lined with liquid asphalt and the binding agent is sometimes formaldehyde.

The Better Solution

Even after our series of articles on Going Green around your home, it may seem odd that a pest solutions company would be concerned about insulation. But just like all of our other revolutionary products and services, Thermal Acoustical Pest Control, or TAP, is 100% organic and safe for your family.

Not All Insulation is Equal

Unlike most forms of insulation that use at most 20% recycled materials, TAP flips the script, consisting of 80% recycled materials. In fact, TAP consists of fire-retardant treated recyclable newsprint. Insulating just one standard size home with TAP means keeping 40 years worth of a family’s newsprint and paper waste out of the landfills.

Because of how fiberglass insulation is constructed, it actually lets more heat in during the summer. That means more work for your AC unit as the sun beats down. TAP on the other hand, is denser, making it 20-38% more energy efficient. It’s even been awarded the Energy Star Award by the US Environmental Protection Agency!

In addition to its environmental advantages, TAP is also good for your ears! Another benefit of TAP’s density is superior sound reduction.

Unparalleled Insect Prevention

On top of everything else we’ve mentioned, TAP is laced with boric acid. Boric acid is found in many common household products, including saline solution, laundry detergent and certain fertilizers. While safe for your family and pets, even small amounts of boric acid kills most insects, especially ants, cockroaches, silverfish and termites that come into contact with it.

Our clients from Lakewood Ranch to Port Charlotte love the added protection, quiet and especially the lower electric bills. If you’d like to learn more about Thermal Acoustical Pest Control, and get specific details on how you can get it installed in your home from one of our highly trained experts, just give us a call!

Click here for more tips on Going Green around your home!

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