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Zika Virus Update

Zika Virus UpdateThe Zika virus continues to dominate the news as new cases and concerns emerge. One of the most recent developments is the “Asian tiger” or Aides albopictus mosquito species has now been found to carry the Zika virus.

Unfortunately, this discovery raises the total number of states in the United States potentially at risk for transmitting and contracting this disease.

New Breed of Mosquito Found to Carry Zika Virus

Until now, the primary carrier of the Zika virus has been the Aides aegypti mosquito which is found mostly in the southern United States and along the Gulf Coast (our back yard). The Asian tiger mosquito is more prevalent than the Aedes aegypti and has a range as far north as New England and the lower Great Lakes.

This discovery was recently reported by the Pan American Health Organization after scientists in Mexico confirmed the presence of Zika in these Asian tiger mosquitoes.

U.S. health officials say this should serve as a wake-up call to state and local governments that have assumed their populations were too far north to be at risk, and the CDC is saying “you need a plan in place because albopictus could transmit Zika in your area, and you need to take it seriously.”

We here at Good News Pest Solutions have a great plan and will be promoting our Mosquito Management Program soon. Stay tuned for more information regarding this program and how we can keep you and your family safe.

Here’s a handy infographic for more information on the Zika virus:

Zika Virus Infographic
Infographic Source:

Text Source: The Washington Post

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