About Us

Dean Burnside & Terri Burnside, Good News Pest SolutionsGood News Pest Solutions was founded in April of 1989 by John Macy, who at the time, had fifteen years of experience in the pest control industry.

Dean Burnside joined the team as a partner in January 1996, and has helped grow one of the most successful locally owned pest management service companies on the west coast. With the retirement of John Macy in October of 1998, Dean became the sole owner.

In late 2011, the decision was made to rename the company to more accurately reflect our mission, and we became Good News Pest Solutions! We are getting ready to celebrate 30 years of excellence and take great pride in our work.

Our Mission

We believe our success is a result of our mission. Our Purpose: to represent Jesus Christ to the Gulf Coast by providing peace of mind at a fair price, protecting our environment as the leader in green pest management, and serving others with excellence in all we do.

We strive to live and do business according to Biblical principles. By following the character qualities of Jesus; honesty, integrity, compassion, fairness, and diligence, we can build an organization which provides service at a level that not only satisfies our customers, but truly honors God.

Be assured that you can trust any of our professional, courteous staff to solve virtually any pest problem. We provide a full range of pest control services including household pests, rodents, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, termites, fire ants, bats, and much more. We also specialize in providing accurate inspections for real estate transactions.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

At Good News Pest Solutions, you can be assured that we treat your personal information with the utmost respect. Our customer information will not be shared with anyone without your prior consent. We are committed to ensuring you the peace of mind that your business is a privilege for us and will be treated with respect.

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