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Cockroaches Developing Cross-Resistance to Insecticides

You know that old adage about how cockroaches can survive a nuclear holocaust and outlive us all? Well, we’ve got some good news and bad news. First the Bad News Cockroaches are not just disgusting, creepy-crawly bugs freaking out people with delicate constitutions....

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How to Have a Green Fourth of July

It’s one of our favorite great American summer traditions – the Fourth of July! Celebrating our independence and the birth of what would become the United States of America. Tradition dictates that every active military base celebrates the holiday by shooting off a...

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With the Rains Come the Ants

After the sweltering heat we’ve been dealing with this early summer, the return of the afternoon rains seems like a refreshing change. But the rainy season brings its own challenges. Two of our most “popular” insect pests begin to become a problem when the rains come...

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Clinical Trial Revealed Sunscreens Enter Bloodstream

There are certain dangerous constants we live with here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Alligators. Hurricane season. Sunscreen. Wait – Sunscreen? Thanks to our wonderful subtropical weather in the Sunshine State, we are used to lathering on sunscreen pretty much year...

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How to Help Save the Honeybees!

There is so much that we have yet to learn about the other creatures God placed on planet earth with us. It seems every day we’re discovering a new species, or a newly discovered underwater creature, or new facts about insects that we thought we knew pretty well. Take...

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The Giant Water Bug: The Best Dad Insect Around!

On the third Sunday in June, we celebrate and honor Fathers everywhere. Other countries also have special celebrations for Dads, but believe it or not, Father’s Day was instituted in the United States less than 50 years ago. There have been a number of famous fathers...

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Pollinators Still At Risk

We all know now that nicotine in cigarettes is a highly addictive substance for human beings. So you might wonder why, just 20 years ago, companies started transitioning from standard insecticides to ones derived from nicotine. The Potential Benefits The answer is...

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Florida Scientists Nervous About Termites Weakening Our Trees

We have a saying around here. There’s two kinds of homes in Florida. Those that have termites and those that will get termites. Sadly, thanks to the swarming subterranean insects that invaded the paradise we call home, there’s a very slim chance you won’t be affected...

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