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No Bite Zones Mosquito Protection Program

Meet the Green Solution to Mosquito Problems

At the heart of our natural, 100% DEET-Free Mosquito Protection Program is MosquitoPaq, a revolutionary, non-toxic formulation that is perfectly safe for people and pets. When the organic materials contained in the 2 pouches inside are combined, the resulting solution emits a scent that attracts female mosquitoes.

Once they approach, instead of seeking protein, the mosquitoes are permanently transformed so that they will only feed on nature’s nectar — not people or our pets! The mosquitoes are not harmed or killed, they’re simply converted back into pollinators!

The Mosquito Protection Program™ from Good News Pest Solutions is a 100% organic solution that creates No Bite Zones on your property without harming the mosquitoes!

Safely eliminate
mosquito bites by
turning biting
mosquitoes back
into the pollinators
they were designed
to be!

The Mosquito Protection Program™ turns mosquitoes from carnivores to vegans!

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Reclaim the Outdoors with Natural Mosquito Protection Products

Take Advantage of this Limited Time Offer — Available Exclusively to Residents of the Good News Pest Solutions Service Area

Everything you need to create your own No Bite Zones on your property is now available for purchase for the very first time! Best of all, we will hand deliver your purchase to you within 5 business days!

Note: Delivery is only available to addresses in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte Counties in Florida. If you live outside of this area, you will not be able to complete your purchase.

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Full Service Mosquito Protection

Complete Coverage for Your Home Starting at Only $75/month

With our full service Mosquito Protection Program™, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A thorough property inspection — one of our trained professionals will conduct a complete inspection to locate standing water and other mosquito breeding sites, provide recommendations for how to reduce mosquito population, and to remedy those problem areas that can be remedied
  • For any problem areas that can’t be remedied, one of our licensed technicians will treat with larvacide to control mosquito population growth as needed.
  • We will provide a shepherd’s hook at no additional charge and will place it in the optimal location to provide maximum coverage for your new No Bite Zone
  • New MosquitoPaq bags will be installed for you 2 times each month


Mosquitoes Carry Diseases for Humans & Pets

But here’s good news: You can turn mosquitoes back into vegans with our exclusive Mosquito Protection Program

Mosquitoes Are Natural Pollinators

Mosquitoes are the #2 pollinators on the planet… right behind bees! We need them! They’re also an important food source for many of our Florida birds, as well as bats and other helpful creatures.

Only Pregnant Females Bite

Male mosquitoes don’t bite animals. And females only bite when they have babies to feed. Mosquitoes mainly live on natural plant sugars!

Don't Kill Them!

Harmful poisons and larvacides used to kill mosquitoes are bad for the environment! Our all-natural solution keeps them interested only in plants! in the News

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