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All About Bed Bugs

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug - Sarasota Pest ControlBed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are a parasitic insect that is typically found in the home, and embeds themselves in the crevices of furniture. Specifically, the common bed bug prefers furniture where people sleep hence their name “bed bugs”. They are known to be most active at night (although they aren’t nocturnally exclusive), and known for their nocturnal activities of feeding on their hosts. This is one trait which gives bed bugs an opportunity to feed on their host(s) without being noticed.

In most cases, their existence isn’t known until they colonize and begin to leave remnants of their feces in the corners of a bed. The evidence of their existence can be recognized as fine espresso-like coffee grounds on the surface in which they are occupying; their eggs will also nest in the fibers of the fabric. Victims have reported a smell of over-ripe raspberries, which is another indicator of bed bug existence.

Bed Bugs on Mattress - Sarasota Pest ControlTheir hematophaguous (blood-sucking) mechanisms for survival involve releasing a natural anesthetic upon piercing their target to numb the victim (much like a mosquito, ants); giving them time to feed on human blood without being recognized. Once the bed bug has tapped into their food source, they will feed (suck blood) for approximately 3 to five minutes.

Parasites (fleas and ticks are also parasites) will feed until they are completely full or engorged with food; which means the entire process for a bed bug is about 10 minutes.

Bed Bug Piercing HostUnfortunately, bed bugs have become a pest causing several outbreaks in the US and have reported incidences in the news. The side effects of bed bug bites include skin rashes, blisters, allergic reactions, and even promote negative psychological effects. Most physicians treat the symptoms, and any infection can be cured with antibiotics and steroid creams.

The most important part of treating bed bug related health issues is the removal of the pest itself. Good News Pest Solutions can both identify the existence of bed bugs and remove them; both crucial pieces in the investigation and resolution of a bed bug infestation. We consider this just another way of providing you with “Good News”; knowing the source of your health issues and resolving them altogether.


How did these bed bugs get into my home?

Whenever someone realizes they’ve been infested with bed bugs, they immediately go on the defense. It’s not a negative issue that should cause embarrassment. Bed bugs don’t jump, but crawl and travel on luggage (back packs, purses), other visiting pets, wildlife, or another person’s clothing. In recent reported cases, movie theatres, hotel rooms, and taxi cabs were the sources of bed bugs and traveled into the homes of their new host by simply catching a ride.

Needless to say, if you think there is an infestation there is no need to worry! Good News Pest Solutions will help guide you through the process of resolving your bed bug issue.

Bed Bug Management

Good News to the Rescue!

As a green pest control company, Good News strives to use minimum risk pest control products and processes to eliminate bed bug infestations. However, depending on the severity of the infestation, tent fumigation may be necessary. This will completely eliminate the problem without having to throw away expensive bedding and furniture.

We understand your concern and your need for an immediate response to your bed bug infestation. Never hesitate to call and schedule an appointment with one of Good News Pest Solutions subject matter experts. We’re here to help you and will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

To schedule your emergency appointment and resolve your bed bug issues, please click here or call (941) 584-8687 immediately.

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