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Why GNPS Is Now Charging $40 for WDO Inspections:

  • Experience with Integrity

    We have been the area’s leader in providing accurate, honest, timely WDO Inspections for over 26 years

  • Capacity to get the job done

    We have the finest, best-trained staff on the Gulf Coast, with 5 full-time WDO Inspectors and 5 additional certified Inspectors for back-up support as needed

  • Easy to do business with

    We have a fully automated system for ordering, scheduling, and paying for WDO Inspections

  • Easy to schedule.

    We are providing high value for a comparatively low cost. All of our certified Inspectors have SUPRA key access

  • Still a FREE Termite Inspection after the credit is used!

    We are still offering a $40 credit toward the purchase of a warrantied service after closing

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We've updated our WDO request process! You can choose whether or not to pre-pay the $40 inspection fee online using your major credit card. Your payment will be processed using our secure servers.

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Note: Our Inspectors are equipped with SUPRA keys, so if you choose not to pre-pay, please remember the payment will need to be made before your WDO Inspection report will be issued.

Free Termite Inspection Terms

*with purchase of a warrantied service.

Pay $40 at the time of your inspection (or online at the time of your request), and you'll receive a $40 credit toward the purchase of Go Green plus 3 pest control (our signature green pest control service), Term-Assure 365™, Termite treatment, or Rodent control after closing.

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