No Bite Zones: 15-Day MosquitoPaq – Self-Installation


The heart of our Mosquito Protection Program, the MosquitoPaq is a natural, non-toxic, 100% DEET-Free solution that creates a No Bite Zone on your property and doesn’t harm the mosquitoes! Order 2 of these for a full 30-day supply, and don’t forget the shepherd’s hook!

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Create a No Bite Zone on your property with this 15-day natural mosquito protection pouch! This 100% organic solution protects you, your family, and your pets from mosquito bites within a 70-foot radius without harming the mosquitoes!

Good News Pest Solutions is the exclusive provider of this revolutionary system that turns mosquitoes from carnivores into vegans!

Creating a No Bite Zone couldn’t be easier! Simply mix the ingredients and hang the pouch!

The resulting mixture attracts mosquitoes, then produces a change in the mosquitoes that causes them to no longer desire protein. This solution is

  • Natural
  • 100% DEET-Free
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for Children and Pets

For best results, hang in a shaded area about 20 feet away from where you will be enjoying your activity. Shepherd’s Hook sold separately.

Prefer not to install it yourself? Sign up for our exclusive full-service Mosquito Protection Program™ today!


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